Charcteristic of the School Na Výsluní

The School Na Výsluní in Uherský Brod is a primary school for children between 6 and 15 years old. Our school has 280 pupils and 25 teachers. The school is situated in the south-east part of the Czech Republic. We offer high-quality education and free time activities such as school’s day care and school‘s club. We also organize various educational activities, school preventive programme, environmental programme, sports events, school performances, open-doors days, Christmas and carnival parties. Pupils from several nearby villages attend this school as well as students from the local town. We offer qualitative services to our migrant students as well. There are some students from Turkey who are educated in our school.

The school’s facilities are modern and in a good condition. We try to follow the European Union standards regarding our educational services and our facilities. There are 14 special classrooms, which include: large gym, gymnastics hall, language classroom, classroom for Family Education and Social Science, Literature classroom and pupil’s library, drama classrooms, 2 Information Technology classrooms, Art classroom, training kitchen, Geography classroom, Music classroom, Physics, Chemistry and Biology classrooms and a classroom for Crafts. Nearby, there is an outdoor area with a stadium and a playground used as a place to relax. For outside sport lessons we use a newly reconstructed stadium called Lapač. The school’s library includes two parts, one for teachers and the other for pupils. In the afternoon, children and the school’s staff can use the computer lab with an internet connection.

We offer extra care for pupils with special needs, especially in Junior Elementary School. The school’s club works according to its own schedule and provides a variety of activities for the children‘ free time. It offers: Judo for beginners and advanced, Fun with German, Maths practice, Computers, Entrance-exam practice, Fun with English, Biology club, Arts and Crafts, Shooting club, Cooking, Czech-language practice, Technical drawing, Aerobics and more activities, according to the pupils’ interests. Our school organizes various trips abroad, trips in our region and sports activities and competitions.

The international projects are supported and attractive activities. Most of the pupils, parents and teacher colleagues are involved in the international projects. Between 2007-2009 our school participated in the multilateral project "Movement of people in Europe" together with Germany and Scotland. The involved pupils received information from their contemporaries from Germany, Czech Republic and Scotland about their traveling in Europe. The pupils translated and read the reports comparing them with their own experiences. Then they made research also in the public and worked out some statistics. They created some printed guides about their own place of residence and sent them on the other schools as well. These pupils met also by mobilities in each country. They worked in workshops in international groups together, with representatives from all three countries.

In June 2015 our school finished another successful multilateral project called "Water wise-enjoy, understand, value". The core of the project was the water. The students were encouraged through different activities to understand the importance of the watter for people, animals and the environment. On the other hand, the students were stimulated to value the water and to use it wisely. This topic was processed from many spheres of life and in various regions. The partner schools were from the Czech Republic, Germany (two schools), Lithuania, Spain, Finland and Poland.

The School Na Výsluní was involved in international project called Edison more times. Edison means Education, Drive, Internationality, Students, Opportunity, Network and it supports intercultural cooperation.

Pupils could welcome students from almost all continents at our school and in their families. We had the possibility to watch presentations from all their countries. The students came from: USA, Canada, Brasil, Russia, China, Thailand, Singapore, India and Malaysia.Multicultural atmosphere increased the motivation to learn foreign languages.

In May 2016 some pupils and their teachers traveled to stay in Great Britain in the project Výzva 57.They visited local regions, cities, families and took also part in an English course there.